CAMILLE JEAN-BAPTISTE COROT – Souvenir de Toscane, 1845
Sheet size: 180 x 270 mm
Image size: 122 x 178 mm
Edition: c.1500 (scarce) – Unsigned
Original etching by Camille Corot, printed by A. Salmon on laid paper, as published by the Gazette des Beaux-Arts in 1875. With printed credits below to artist, title, publisher and printer. This proto-Impressionist memory of Tuscany was the first etching Corot ever made, in 1845. Twenty years later Félix Bracquemond found the unbitten plate in a box of nails, and convinced Corot to rework and print it. The first proofs were pulled in 1865, but it was not editioned until 1875. The print-run for this edition is conventionally given as 750, but that does not accord with our understanding of the usual print-run of the Gazette, which was probably somewhere between 1200 and 1500 copies. Refs: Delteil 1 iv/iv, Melot 1 iv/iv, Sanchez & Seydoux 1875-9. With the discreet small collection stamp of the former owner, the University of Berlin Library, centrally on the verso. Condition: Excellent.