WALASSE TING (Chinese American / 1929-2010)

Walasse Ting (Ding Xiongquan) is most famous for his artists' book One Cent Life, for which he solicited original lithographs from a host of Pop Art and CoBrA artists, including Andy Warhol, to illustrate his own poems. We have Walasse Ting lithographs (and one original drawing) from various sources, mostly in his early semi-abstract Art Informel style, developed under the influence of his close friend Sam Francis. In more recent years Ting's work became more figurative, concentrating on sensuous studies of female nudes. Walasse Ting was born in Shanghai, where he studied briefly at the Art Academy before leaving China for Hong Kong in 1946. In 1950 Walasse Ting sailed to France, where his art absorbed the influences of Zao Wou-ki and of the CoBrA artists; Ting was particularly close to Pierre Alechinsky. ln 1958 Walasse Ting emigrated to the United States, becoming a US citizen. Later he moved his studio to Amsterdam.

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Selected prints by WALASSE TING

Rainbow as thread, 1969
Composition 2, 1969
Dragonflies mating, 1969

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