ROBERT STERKERS (Belgian (?) / active 1930s-1940s)

Little is currently known about the etcher and watercolourist Robert Sterkers. We assume he was Belgian, as he contributed a magnificent etching with aquatint to the de luxe copies of L'Art Belge in 1934. After WWII he was evidently living in Paris. Between 1944 and 1948 he published a stream of books and print portfolios illustrated with original etchings with aquatint. Several were published by L'Estampe Moderne, including Montmartre, with text by Pierre Mac Orlan, À travers les vieilles églises de Paris and Paris medieval by Louis Hautecoeur, Eaux et fontaines de Paris by Paul Léon, and the rare portfolio of hand-signed etchings entitled simply Paris. Other works of this period include etchings for Au pied du Ventoux by Gabriel Fauré, and Bretagne aux cent visages by Roger Vercel. Robert Sterkers also made etchings after drawings and watercolours by others, notably after Isa Kyprianna for Mimes des courtisanes et les amours, and after Gaston Barret for Marcel Pagnol's Topaze. Robert Sterkers went on numerous sketching trips - notably to Brittany and the Antilles - producing watercolours that were much admired. He exhibited both in Paris and Brussels.

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Selected prints by ROBERT STERKERS

Rue des
Francs-Bourgeois, c.1946
Le Pont Neuf, c.1946
Les Bouquinistes, c.1946

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