MIHALY MUNKACSY (Hungarian / 1844-c.1900)

Mihaly Munkacsy was the pseudonym of Michael von Leib, born in Munkacs, Hungary, in 1844. His date of death is given in conflicting sources as 1900 or 1909, in Endenich, near Bonn. Munkacsy had a disastrous start in life: his mother died giving birth to him, his father was imprisoned on political charges when he was two, and the aunt who took care of him was murdered. Nevertheless he persisted with his artistic dreams, studying in Budapest, Vienna, and Munich, before going to Paris in 1867, where he met Courbet, who was to profoundly influence his artistic direction. The influence of Courbet and the Barbizon School led Munkacsy to settle in Barbizon in 1874. His last known paintings were exhibited at the Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1900.

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Christuskopf, 1892
Etching •SOLD
Intérieur d'atelier, 1876
Etching •SOLD

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