MAX KLINGER (German / 1857-1920)

The Symbolist artist Max Klinger, a key member of the Vienna Secession, was born in Leipzig, and studied first in Karlruhe and then in Berlin, under Karl Gussow. His art was influenced by that of Adolf Menzel, Puvis de Chavannes, and Arnold Böcklin, whom he met in 1887. Our etching with aquatint by Klinger, Die Quelle (The Source), is a tribute to Böcklin, taking Böcklin's 1875 painting Flora as its starting point. But it is very much a variation on the theme rather than a simple copy; for a start, the figure in Böcklin's painting is clothed, whereas Klinger's is naked.

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Selected prints by MAX KLINGER

Erinnerung (Die
Ferngeliebte), 1894
Sisyphus, oder Die
Fakultäten, 1914
Die Quelle, 1889

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