KONRAD KLAPHECK (German / 1935-)

Konrad Peter Cornelius Klapheck was born in Düsseldorf. His father was professor of art history at the Staatliche Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, until dismissed by the Nazis in 1934; after WWII, his mother taught at the same institution, and in 1976 Konrad Klapheck himself accepted a chair there. Influences on Konrad Klapheck include Magritte, Ernst, and Yves Klein. The art of Konrad Klapheck is poised between Surrealism, Hyper-Realism, and Pop Art. Klapheck uses realistic depiction to convey a sense of alienation and unease.

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Hommage à Aimé et
Marguerite Maeght, 1982

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