JULES BRETON (French / 1827-1906)

Jules Adolphe Aimé Louis Breton was one of the most admired painters of his day, but he stuck with the Realism of Millet and Courbet rather than embracing the new Impressionism, and so has slightly faded from art history. His vision of the rural poor moved Vincent Van Gogh deeply; in 1880 Vincent made a pilgrimage on foot to Breton's home village of Courrières in the Pas de Calais to pay homage to the great man, but was too shy to knock at Breton's door. Jules Breton studied at the Royal Academy in Ghent, and then under Michel-Martin Drolling at the Beaux-Arts, Paris. See: Breton, La Vie d'un Artiste, 1890, and Un Peintre Paysan, 1896; Weisberg, The Realist Tradition, 1980; Sturges, Jules Breton and the French Rural Tradition, 1982; Bourrut-Lacoutre, Jules Breton: Painter of Peasant Life, 2003.

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Selected prints by JULES BRETON

Glaneuse, 1898
La Seine au
Bas-Meudon, 1873
Le moulin, 1873

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