JEAN JACQUES DE BOISSIEU (French / 1736-1810)

The painter and etcher Jean Jacques de Boissieu was born and died in Lyon. The son of a doctor, he took lessons from the history painter Charles Frontier. In 1758 his first etchings were published by the print-dealer Pariset under the title Livre de griffonnements inventés et gravés par de Boissieu. In 1760 he entered into correspondence with the engraver J.-J. Wille. The following year de Boissieu went to Paris, where he spent three years, where he came into contact not just with Wille but with artists such as Vernet, Watelet, and Greuze. In Paris, Jean Jacques de Boissieu also made a close friend of Duc Alexandre de la Rochefoucauld, who included de Boissieu in a party that toured Italy in 1764-1765. Returning to Lyon, de Boissieu settled down to etch and paint. Finding that the fumes of oil paint upset his health, he concentrated on etching and drawing. In all Jean Jacques de Boissieu etched 140 copper plates, mostly original compositions in which he tried to retain the freshness of his studies from nature.

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