EUGEN KIRCHNER (German / 1865-1938)

The Jugendstil (German Art Nouveau) painter and printmaker Eugen Kirchner was born in Halle. A founder member of the Vienna Secession, Eugen Kirchner also exhibited with the Berlin Secession, and contributed to both Pan and Die Graphischen Kunste. Eugen Kirchner only made 19 etchings, all between 1894 and 1896. His etchings show a particular mastery of aquatint. Kirchner had a major exhibition of drawings, watercolours and etchings in Dresden in 1904. This remarkable artist has been somewhat overshadowed by the coincidental fame of the younger Expresssionist, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.

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Selected prints by EUGEN KIRCHNER

November, 1896
Etching/aquatint •SOLD
Die Tennisspieler
(The Tennis Player), 1894-1896

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