EUGENE CARRIERE (French / 1849-1906)

Eugène Anatole Carrière was a major French Symbolist. Carrière's ghostly near-monochromatic canvases carry a special charge; they influenced even the great colourists Matisse and Picasso. Eugène Carrière's closest artistic ally and friend was Rodin. Born at Gournay, Carrière studied at the Beaux-Arts, Paris, and in the atelier of Cabanel. He made his debut at the Salon in 1876. From 1890, Eugène Carrière exhibited with the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, and also with the Galerie Bernheim. Carrière also exhibited with the Secession artists in Munich and Berlin.

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Selected prints by EUGENE CARRIERE

Tête de femme, 1893
Lithograph •SOLD
Mère et enfant, 1907
Baiser maternel, 1907

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