EMIL NOLDE (German / 1867-1956)

The Expressionist painter and printmaker Emil Nolde was a prominent member of Die Brücke, the Berlin Secession, and Der Blaue Reiter. He was born Emil Hansen, but in 1902 took the name of his birthplace, the village of Nolde (which is now in Denmark, reflecting Nolde's own Danish rather than German roots). Nolde's support for the Nazi party has damaged his standing, though it did not prevent the Nazis from condemning his art as degenerate, removing 1052 of his works from German museums, and forbidding him to paint. He carried on in secret, creating a hidden stockpile of watercolours that he called his "Unpainted Pictures".

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Selected prints by EMIL NOLDE

Schiffe im Hafen,
Flensburg, 1907
Tischgesellschaft, 1906
Etching/aquatint •SOLD
Mann und junges
Mädchen, 1925
Wood engraving

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