EDOUARD DALIPHARD (French / 1833-1877)

Édouard Daliphard was born in Rouen in 1833. Daliphard studied under Gustave Morin at the Beaux-Arts in Rouen, and then under Joseph Quinaux at the Brussels Academy. Daliphard, who exhibited at the Paris Salon from 1864-1875, is best known for melancholy twilight landscapes. Our etching by Daliphard is a street scene executed with an Impressionist spareness. It is the only etching by Édouard Daliphard that we have come across, and dates from the very end of his short life. Daliphard was influenced by Corot and the Barbizon School, and it seems likely that if he had lived he would have allied himself with the Impressionists. In 1875 Daliphard became a very early patron of Impressionism when he bought Berthe Morisot's La Lecture for 210 francs; the painting is now in the Cleveland Museum of Art.

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