ASGER JORN (Danish / 1914-1973)

Oluf Asger Jorgensen, known as Asger Jorn, was born in Jutland in 1914. He was a key figure in the Mouvement pour un Bauhaus imaginiste (1952-1957), which became the CoBrA (Copenhagen/Brussels/Amsterdam) Pop Art group. He studied with Fernand Léger and with Le Corbusier, but was also profoundly influenced by children's art, and Art Brut. One of the most internationally important Scandinavian artists of the twentieth century, Asger Jorn is a crucial figure in modern art, both for his boldly expressionist gestural art and his profound political commitment with the Situationist International, in which he was one of the leading figures. See: Atkins: Jorn, catalogue raisonnée.

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Untitled composition, 1967

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