ARTHUR ILLIES (German / 1870-1952)

The painter and printmaker Arthur Karl Wilhelm Illies was born in Hamburg in 1870, and died in Lüneberg in 1952. Illies studied at the Munich Academy of Fine Art, after which he returned to Hamburg, under the patronage of the director of the Hamburg Kunsthalle, Alfred Lichtwark. In the 1890s Illies worked in a Symbolist mode allied to Jugendstil. Arthur Illies was an innovative printmaker who, tired of the limitations of conventional colour etching, developed his own methods to bring a painterly richness of hue and tone to his etchings. He did this through multiple bitings of the etching plate in layers of aquatint, and also invented a method of printing colour etchings from just one plate, by using both high and low pressure on the press. There is a catalogue raisonné of the prints 1894-1904 by Gustave Schieffler and Gerhard Schack, Das graphische Werk von Arthur Illies (Hamburg, 1970). See also: Kurt Illies, Arthur Illies - Aus Tagebuch und Werk (Hamburg, 1981).

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Boote im Hafen
(Kähne), 1907
Mondaufgang, 1896
Etching/aquatint •SOLD

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