ANTONI TAPIES (Spanish / 1923-2012)

Antoni Tąpies i Puig was born in Barcelona in 1923. One of the most prominent Catalan artists of the twentieth century, Antoni Tąpies was one of the founders of the art movement and journal Dau-al-set. His work, which has traced an arc from Surrealism to Arte Povera and Abstract Expressionism, can be seen broadly in the context of Art Informel, the European response to Abstract Expressionism. There is a museum dedicated to his art in Barcelona, the Fundació Tąpies. In 2010 King Juan Carlos raised Antoni Tąpies to the Spanish nobility, awarding him the hereditary title of Marqués de Tąpies.

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Selected prints by ANTONI TAPIES

Untitled composition, 1979
Lithograph •SOLD
Hommage ą Aimé et
Marguerite Maeght, 1982

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