ADOLPHE MONTICELLI (French / 1824-1886)

Adolphe Joseph Thomas Monticelli was born in Marseille. He studied under Paul Delaroche at the Beaux-Arts, Paris. In 1855 he met the Barbizon painter Narcisse Diaz, and the two often painted together; from 1878-1884 Monticelli reprised this close artistic collaboration with a painter from a new generation. Paul Cézanne. But though Monticelli was influenced by both Barbizon and Impressionist painting, he does not really fit into either school. Much of his work shows the influence of earlier painters such as Watteau and Delacroix, though it becomes noticeably freer in his last decade. The art of Adolphe Monticelli was particularly admired by Vincent Van Gogh.

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Selected prints by ADOLPHE MONTICELLI

The ravine, 1888
Le parc de Saint
Cloud, fête sous
bois, 1901

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